Learn the proper steps to Tree Watering in Fort Worth, TX. It may seem simple, but proper tree watering is key in maintaining the health of your trees. Different tree varieties need different quantities of water and some are better suited for one type of climate than another.

Tree Watering in Fort Worth, TX
Watering Green Tree with Hose.

Too little water can damage your tree; however, too much water can cause just as much damage! For more than 25 years, Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth has been providing top-quality tree service to the residents and businesses in Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex area. When it comes to trees, we’ve seen it all!

Many homeowners naturally assume that if they water their trees frequently that the trees will remain healthy. This is a common misconception, so you are not alone. The best way to ensure your tree is receiving the water that it specifically needs is to enlist the expertise of an experienced tree company.

Tree Watering For Young Trees

Small, young trees are just like small children. They must be treated with tender loving care.

The first two years of a young tree’s life require extra attention because the tree is extending and expanding its root system in the soil. The small tree hasn’t yet built up its resistance to climatic conditions like extreme heat or drought.

You can make sure the tree’s water supply is sufficient by covering the soil around it with wood chip mulch. The best way to be sure your young trees are receiving adequate water and nutrition is to consult with a tree care specialist.

Excess Tree Watering & Controlled Tree Watering

Is there excess water standing throughout your outdoor environment? Are your tree’s leaves wet continuously and you keep on watering them because the tree isn’t looking well?

Does it seem that no matter how much you water them, they aren’t improving? Fungal tree diseases are extremely destructive and some can even kill your tree.

Fungi thrive in wet conditions so if you are watering in excess, instead of helping your tree you’re aiding the fungal disease! In cases like this, overhead sprinkler systems are not advised and utilizing soaker hoses and controlled watering would be better suited for your trees.

How Do I Know My Trees Are Getting The Right Amount of Water?

When you are in question and need arbor care advice, always contact an arbor care professional. Your trees are valuable investments, add beauty to your outdoor grounds and increase your property value tremendously.

We always provide a free consultation. Contact us today at (817) 500-0355 and schedule your complimentary appointment with our tree expert. Our family-owned and locally-based company welcomes any and all questions you have!

The correct amount of water depends upon the variety of your tree and your residential outdoor environment. Don’t ever second-guess what your tree needs. Always consult an experienced arbor care professional to be sure that your tree will remain healthy and strong.

Who Can Tell Me If My Trees Are Getting The Water That’s Required For Them?

It takes a highly-experienced tree service company as we are here at Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth to tell you what form of watering and proper amount of water your tree needs. Our ISA certified arborist, extensively-trained and skilled tree expert and our team of experienced arbor care specialists have the knowledge and skills to address any tree care needs you have.

Would you like to eliminate your concerns of caring for and watering your trees correctly? Do you want to be certain your valuable trees remain healthy? Request a continual tree health care maintenance plan that will be customized exclusively for you.

No matter what tree questions you have or tree services you need, Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth is here to help you! Give us a call today at (817) 500-0355. We look forward to hearing from you!