My trees look great and I want to make sure they stay that way. What can I do to protect their health?

Beautiful, healthy trees greatly enhance your residential outdoor environment. Trees provide relaxing shaded areas, lower your electric bill and greatly increase your property value. Maintaining their health is of key importance and eliminates the unwanted costs associated with tree removal and tree replacement. There are many things that homeowners can do to ensure their trees remain strong and healthy.

Entrust the care of your trees and plants to an experienced tree company.
The surest way to be certain that your trees remain in the best of health is to entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. ISA certified arborists must have years of extensive experience in the Texas arbor care industry. Tree experts, tree doctors and arbor care professionals adhere to the high standards that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for.

Avoid Unintentional Wounding
Trees become more susceptible to serious diseases and tree pests when they are wounded or damaged. Unintentional tree wounds can occur from regular lawn care maintenance and the planting of decorative bedding plants. Mowers, weed trimmers and shovels can cause abrasions to the tree. It is best to employ a professional tree care company to oversee the care and upkeep of your outdoor grounds.

Controlled Watering
Most homeowners make the mistake of thinking their trees need more water during the Texas summer heat when we are experiencing drought-like conditions. Also, water from above-ground sprinkler systems that is left on tree foliage can invite disease. Controlled watering techniques such as soil drenching or the use of soaker hoses administered and overseen by a tree care specialist will prevent your trees from being infected by serious fungal diseases.

Enact A continual tree and plant health care maintenance program
After evaluating the health of your trees and your neighborhood residential grounds, the tree care specialist will customize an ongoing tree and plant health care program unique for your needs. A custom tree health care plan will eliminate your stress and worry about tree diseases invading your prized trees. The experienced tree company will see to it that the health of your trees is always protected.

Are there treatments that will protect my trees and boost their health?

There are numerous tree health treatments that greatly increase the disease-resistance and longevity of your trees. Proactive measures are always the best means of ensuring your trees do not fall prey to destructive diseases. The following are some of the best health-boosting treatments for trees.

Tree Health Assessment
The ISA certified arborist will closely examine and analyze your stately tree. If the tree is weak and vulnerable to disease then the tree doctor will determine the nutrients the tree requires to remain in optimum health. A tree health assessment is very important in protecting the health of the statement trees within your outdoor habitat.

Deep Root Fertilization
We strongly urge you to have this key treatment administered by a highly-skilled and specialized tree expert! Many homeowners think that topical lawn fertilizer is sufficient for their trees and that is definitely not the case. The tree care specialist will determine the specific liquid minerals and nutrients the tree requires and inject them under pressure directly into the tree’s root zone. When administered annually the tree will be 95% more resistant to disease. Deep root fertilization also aerates the soil and enables the tree’s roots to grow sufficiently.

Tree Growth Regulators
Mature, tall and fast-growing trees require a strong root structure to support their stature. Tree growth regulators increase root density, enable the tree to withstand drought-like conditions and boost the tree’s health and disease-resistance. This important treatment will protect the health of your majestic trees for five years.

Soil Aeration
Construction activities are one of the biggest killers of mature trees, as it greatly compacts the soil and restricts healthy tree root growth. Parking under trees and heavy foot traffic will also compact the soil. Compacted soil impedes proper oxygen in the soil that tree roots need to remain healthy. Soil aeration administered by an arbor care professional will rectify compacted soil, ensure that proper oxygen is available to your trees and enable your prized trees to remain healthy and flourish.