I noticed a lot of Insects around my Trees. Can Tree Pests harm my Trees?

Insects can indeed cause serious damage to trees. Left untreated, they not only can inflict devastating destruction to the trees but can eventually kill trees. It is essential to contact an experienced tree company promptly when you first observe tree pests on or within the vicinity of your trees. The International Society of Arboriculture requires ISA certified arborists to have many years of experience in the tree care industry, complete stringent tests and exemplify the high standards of devotion, honor, and integrity that the society is respected for. The best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas has ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and tree care experts who will see to it that the tree pests are eliminated from your residential outdoor environment. Tree pests reproduce swiftly and can even invade your home; therefore, it is imperative to contact an arbor care professional who will eliminate these tree pests.

What Tree Pests are common in Fort Worth?

Numerous tree pest problems are common throughout the DFW metroplex area. Tree doctors and ISA certified arborists frequently encounter, treat and eliminate insect infestations. Tree care specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in protecting your trees and your outdoor grounds from insect problems. The earlier that treatment is administered then the least amount of damage will occur to your trees. If you observe or suspect that you have tree pests or that your trees are declining in health then do not hesitate to enlist the professional services of a tree expert. The following are some of the dreaded tree pests common in Fort Worth:

Gaining entrance through the tree’s bark, the larvae eat elaborate curving tunnels throughout the core wood. Left untreated, they will eventually destroy the tree.

Reproducing many generations per season, these tiny insects can quickly overtake your entire residence and eventually enter your home and destroy house plants. They siphon nutritional fluids from tree foliage and plant leaves. Aphids cluster together on the stems and leaves.

Unsightly white webbed bags strewn throughout the branches of your trees are created by these worms. They spin these webs to protect themselves from bird predators while they hide inside and eat the foliage of your trees.

These microscopic tree pests are related to arachnids and they extract nutritional fluids from tree foliage and plant leaves. Spider mites reproduce swiftly and infiltrate your entire outdoor habitat.

Targeting only ash trees, these jewel-tone beetles create small holes in the tree’s bark and destroy the tree’s entire vascular system. Emerald ash borers prevent the tree from dispersing water and nutrients to its branches and leaves. Thinning foliage will first result but left untreated, they will kill the invaded tree.

These deceptive worms primarily infest fir tree varieties and create small cones laced with leaf and bark remnants. Bagworms hide inside these cones and eat the tree’s needles. These cones must be removed and destroyed to prevent their spread and halt their destruction.

What can I do to eliminate Tree Pests?

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced tree company immediately when you first notice you have tree pests. An arborist that treats sick trees will administer the required treatment to destroy these severe nuisances. Early treatment is absolutely essential to halt insect infestations. The tree care expert will customize a continual tree health and maintenance care program exclusively for you and your outdoor residential grounds. Tree care specialists will eliminate the stress and worry that tree pests can cause you and they will ensure that your living investments will always remain beautiful and healthy.