My Trees Are not Looking Well. How Do I Know If They Are Sick?

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When your trees are not appearing as healthy as they once were, then they are probably sick. The best way to be certain regarding the health of your trees is to contact an experienced tree company quickly. It is difficult for most homeowners to know if their trees are declining in health. The best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas has ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and tree care specialists who have the knowledge and experience to assess the health of your trees. Tree experts adhere to the high standards that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for. You will have confidence in knowing that your sick trees will be cared for properly.


Depending upon the tree ailment as well as the tree variety, different tree diseases have specific symptoms. However, there are common symptoms that sick trees reveal:

  • Thinning Appearance: A healthy tree will have a full canopy with no bare areas amongst the branches or foliage. If the tree appears to be noticeably thinning and sparse then the tree is sick.
  • Yellowing, Browning or Dark Spots On Leaves: Healthy trees should be the appropriate color and have leaves free of abnormal markings. If the foliage is yellowing, brown or exhibits unusual coloring then the tree is ailing. Dark blemishes and spots are indicative of serious tree diseases. When you observe these unsightly markings then it is of prime importance to contact an arborist that treats sick trees promptly.
  • Peeling Bark: Bark on the tree’s trunk should be strong and consistent in coverage. Peeling, flaking, chipping, bare spots and bark falling are indicative of a serious tree sickness. Contact Arbor Care professional right away if you observe these symptoms.
  • Branches Falling & Dead Branches: With the exception of severe storm damage, healthy trees will have strong branches that are pliable and do not snap when bent. Dead branches on your habitat grounds and branches falling that are bare are serious indications of tree sickness.
  • Premature Defoliation: When your trees are dropping leaves excessively or at the inappropriate time of the season then your trees are sick. Premature defoliation does not occur with strong, healthy trees. A tree expert should be contacted when you first begin to notice these symptoms.
  • Excessive Water And Moisture At The Tree’s Baseline: Many destructive fungal pathogens thrive in standing water and excessively moist soil. These issues frequently cause decaying roots. An experienced tree company will eliminate soil compaction to restore proper drainage and rectify the areas within your outdoor grounds that have standing water.


With any illness, early diagnosis and treatment are of prime importance. Left untreated, tree sicknesses can cause severe, irreparable damage and often destroy the tree. Early treatment prevents serious tree damage and the tree’s death. When a sick tree is diagnosed in the early stages of sickness by an ISA certified arborist and is treated by an arborist that treats sick trees then they are able to advise you and provide health-boosting treatments that guard the health of your trees. Your trees add beauty to your residence and increase your property value. Maintaining the health of your trees is the best way to protect your living investments.

  • Tree Health Assessment: After thoroughly examining the tree and determining the tree’s health condition, the ISA certified arborist completes a tree diagnosis report and informs you if the tree is weak and vulnerable to disease. The nutrients the tree requires to remain strong and healthy are determined by this tree health assessment.
  • Removal of Dead or Severely Diseased Trees: It is of utmost importance to have a professional arbor care company with extensive experience in tree removal to remove any severely diseased trees, dead trees or stumps from your habitat grounds. Tree diseases often spread to other trees within close vicinity. Tree removal experts are bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. They have the proper equipment to carefully remove these eyesores from your property and ensure that your healthy trees are protected.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: Trees are 95% less apt to develop a tree sickness when this important fertilization treatment is administered annually. A highly-trained tree expert determines the specific minerals and nutrients that the tree requires and injects it under pressure into the tree’s root zone. Soil aeration occurs as a result of the injected oxygen, correcting any soil compaction issues. We strongly recommend this key treatment to guard the health of your trees.
  • Prevent Wounds: Always entrust the regular care of your lawn and outdoor residential environment to an arbor care professional. Many diseases invade trees through unintentional wounds like those that can occur from weed trimmers and shovels. An experienced tree company will ensure that those accidental wounds do not happen.
  • Regular Tree Pruning: Overcrowded branches prevent trees from receiving adequate sunlight and can interfere with airflow amongst the tree foliage. Regularly-scheduled pruning by a tree pruning service ensures the tree receives the sunlight and air circulation it needs.
  • Controlled Watering: Excess water on tree foliage can trigger fungal diseases. Drought conditions can inflict severe stress on a tree and increase its susceptibility to tree sicknesses. Controlled watering by means of soil drenching or soaker hoses that are directed and administered by a tree expert prevents fungal pathogens from infecting your trees and ensures that the trees receive the proper water they require.