What Are Borer Insects?

Borer insects are a serious tree pest issue. As their infestation increases, they can inflict severe damage to the tree and eventually destroy it. One of the main problems in dealing with boring insects is that the majority of damage that they cause to the tree cannot be seen. They destroy tissue in the tree’s vascular system that enables it to provide nutrients and water throughout its core and branches. Visual indications of borer invasion are an overall unhealthy appearance to the tree, premature defoliation and small holes in the bark and branches.

Are Borer Insects Common in Fort Worth, TX?

Yes. There are numerous species of boring insects prevalent throughout the DFW metroplex. Emerald ash borers are green beetles that target only ash trees but are so deadly that some states prevent ash products from crossing state lines. Cottonwood borers are large black and ivory beetles that infest cottonwood trees primarily but also invade poplar and willow. Clearwing moths and flathead beetles target a range of fruit trees, shade tree varieties and shrubs.

How Can I Protect My Tree From Borer Insects?

The best protection from borer insects is to guard your tree’s health. These insects typically target trees that have been wounded and are weak.  Treatments such as deep root fertilization will boost the tree’s health and vitality. Proper watering and tree pruning is essential. Avoid unintentional wounding from weed trimmers, shovels or activities within close vicinity to the tree. Stressful conditions such as turbulent weather can weaken even a healthy tree, so make certain that you have your tree’s health assessed immediately by a certified arborist if you sense your tree’s health is lessening.

What Can Be Done To Eliminate Borer Insects?

If the tree has only been mildly infested and does not have numerous holes in its bark than insecticide applications and trunk injections can be administered by an arborist that treats sick trees. Tree trimming and sealing removes insect eggs that may be hidden in the bark crevices. Any dead or severely infested trees, branches or ground debris must be professionally removed and destroyed by a professional tree service to eliminate many of the insects and larvae from the premises. As borer insects can kill trees if not treated in the beginning stages of infestation, it is imperative to contact an experienced tree company immediately when your tree appears to be declining.