My evergreen tree is turning brown. What is causing this?

There are serious tree diseases that affect evergreen trees and that are common in Fort Worth. Below are two tree diseases that inflict serious damage to fir trees.

  • Seiridium Canker: Seiridium canker is a serious fungal pathogen that causes severe damage to evergreen trees, with Leyland cypress being its host tree of choice as well as numerous another arborvitae. The spores are spread rapidly throughout the outdoor habit by wind and splashing rain. Brown, dead branches randomly appear throughout visually-appearing healthy branches. This is known by tree experts as “flagging”. Seiridium canker tends to invade mature trees that are planted for privacy areas and it is extremely common in Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex. This deadly fungal disease will eventually kill the tree if treatment is not administered when symptoms first appear.
  • Pine Tip Blight: Mature pine trees throughout Fort Worth have been decimated by this fungal disease that normally targets fir trees over thirty years old that have endured years of stress, wounding and damage. Austrian pine, Douglas fir, and Ponderosa pine are frequently infected, as well as numerous other evergreen varieties. Fungal spores thrive during wet spring weather and are spread rapidly by wind and rain. New needle growth will turn brown and die. These symptoms begin at the lower part of the tree and travel upward and the tree will exhibit dead branches. Tiny black spots are visible at the ends of needles and within infected pine cones. Without early treatment, the infected tree will die.

How do I know if my evergreen tree has A disease?

Always contact a tree care specialist if you are questioning the health of your fir tree. The experienced plant pathologist will closely examine the tree and provide a diagnosis report. You will be informed as to what tree ailment your evergreen tree has and the tree expert will determine the necessary treatment that will restore your tree’s health.

  • Remove dead or severely diseased trees: Any dead or severely infected trees, as well as all ground debris, must be removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal company. This will prevent the destructive pathogens from spreading throughout your outdoor grounds.
  • Ensure there is Proper Drainage: Residences in established Fort Worth neighborhoods often have areas where there are standing water and excessive soil moisture. These conditions cause fungal pathogens to thrive and multiply. Compacted soil will also inhibit adequate drainage. An experienced tree company will evaluate your outdoor grounds and rectify the areas where excessive water accumulates.
  • Regularly-scheduled tree pruning: Any infected branches should be immediately removed by a tree pruning service to halt the continued spread of the disease through the tree. Regularly-scheduled tree pruning will ensure that infected or damaged branches are removed and that your evergreen tree receives sufficient sunlight and proper air circulation.
  • Controlled Watering: Sprinkler systems can leave excess water on tree foliage and invite damaging tree diseases. Controlled watering by means of soil drenching or soaker hoses that are directed and administered by arbor care professional will ensure that your evergreen tree receives the correct amount of water that it needs to remain healthy and strong.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: This key treatment is extremely important! Trees do not receive adequate nutrition from topical lawn fertilizer. The highly-specialized tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients that the tree requires directly into its root zone. Injected oxygen aerates the soil and corrects soil compaction. Trees that receive this treatment annually are 95% more disease-resistant and have strong root systems.
  • Continual Tree Health Care Maintenance Plan: Your trees are valuable investments. They beautify your residential grounds, provide shaded areas for relaxation and greatly increase your property value. The best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas will customize an ongoing tree and health care maintenance program exclusively for you. This will ensure that your outdoor grounds and your trees will always remain in the best of health and that you will be relieved of the worry and stress associated with the unwanted costs of combating serious tree ailments or replacing dead trees.