Tree Service Cost

Tree Service Cost

Being the finest tree service provider in the entire DFW metroplex region, Henry's Tree Service is frequently asked what our tree service cost is. Our locally-based, family-owned company has provided exceptional quality tree services to the homeowners throughout the...

The Benefits Of Trees

The Benefits Of Trees

Henry's Tree Service Fort Worth has provided the finest quality tree services to homeowners and businesses in Fort Worth, Arlington and the entire DFW metroplex area for more than 25 years.  Our family-owned and locally-based company is your go-to resource for all of...

Tree Branches Dying in Fort Worth, Texas Call (817) 500-0355

Why are the branches on my trees dying? Unfortunately, when the branches on your tree are dying, breaking off or you have branches falling then the tree is infected by a tree disease. Always contact an experienced tree company when you have declining trees. The...

Tree Leaves turning Brown in Fort Worth, Texas

My tree's leaves are turning brown. Is my tree sick? Unfortunately, when the foliage on your trees begins turning brown the tree has most likely been infected by a tree disease. Always take proactive measures and contact a tree care specialist when your tree appears...

Bark falling from tree in Fort Worth, Texas

The bark is falling off my tree. Why is this happening? There are many reasons why the bark could be falling off of your tree. Serious issues include insect infestations and tree diseases. Natural occurrences are no cause for alarm, however. What tree diseases cause...

Evergreen Tree turning Brown in Fort Worth, Texas

My evergreen tree is turning brown. What is causing this? There are serious tree diseases that affect evergreen trees and that are common in Fort Worth. Below are two tree diseases that inflict serious damage to fir trees. Seiridium Canker: Seiridium canker is a...

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