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Texas has hot summer weather, and we are frequently asked what the most common and most popular trees in Texas are.  Cooling shade trees and easy-to-care-for trees are always desired. 

This is a tough question to answer, but we took our knowledge and extensive experience and arrived at the following trees that will work wonderfully for you. 

1. Cathedral Oak

This stately shade tree is easy to grow and adapts well to almost all soil types.  it requires minimal maintenance and tree trimming.  Its canopy is full and lush and is perfect for those of you who desire privacy and an abundance of shade.  This is a very popular tree.

2. Red Maple

For beautiful color changes in the tree’s foliage throughout the year, the red maple is breathtaking.  It is a perfect front yard tree, as it provides a plethora of red tones throughout the fall season.  It is easy to care for and requires minimal trimming and tree care maintenance.

3. Bonita Ash

Do you have areas throughout your outdoor habitat that receive hot full sun?  Would you like to cool those areas off?  This tree does exceptionally well in areas that receive full sun and where you desire cooling shade.  When fall arrives, the tree’s foliage turns to shades of golden yellow.  It is truly a beautiful, easy-to-care-for tree.

4. Camphor Tree

Would you like a tree that wards off mosquitos?  Not only is the camphor tree a natural mosquito repellant, but it also has a thick, full canopy, provides an abundance of shade and requires minimum tree care maintenance.  The camphor tree works well in almost any outdoor habitat environment.

5. Cotton Tree

One of the fastest-growing trees available, many homeowners select the cottonwood tree to provide shade near their home.  The cottonwood tree requires little maintenance and tree trimming and is a very popular tree choice.

6. Sycamore

The sycamore grows to tall, statuesque heights.  It is an excellent statement-making tree and has a majestic appearance.  During the fall season, the foliage turns golden brown.

7. Tipu Tree

With its fast growth rate and golden foliage during the spring, the tipu is increasing in popularity.  This tree is highly-desirable for homeowners who don’t want to deal with later tree-trimming maintenance. 

8. Sissoo Tree

This tree grows at a fast rate and requires little tree care maintenance.  Originating in India, it is well able to handle the hot Texas summer climate.  For those of you who want a fast-growing tree that is easy to care for, the sissoo is a great choice.

9. Carrotwood Tree

Many homeowners select this tree in place of common oak tree varieties.  It is a robust evergreen variety that works well in Texas.

10. Italian Cypress

Coming from the Mediterranean region, this regal evergreen tree is know for its slim, statuesque silhouette.  It requires a little more simple tree trimming to keep it immaculately groomed, but it is still very easy to care for. 

Are These Trees Easy To Care For?

Yes.  The above-mentioned trees require a minimum amount of tree care maintenance and work well in our hot Texas summer weather.  Maintaining the health of your trees is of prime importance; therefore, if you protect your trees from invasive tree diseases by utilizing a continual tree health care maintenance program, the above trees will always remain beautiful and strong.

Who Can Help Me Decide What The Best Trees For My Yard Are?

Our ISA certified arborist, tree expert and a team of arbor care professionals are here to help you with any tree decisions you are facing.  We understand selecting the trees that work perfectly for you is a tough decision, as trees are a valuable investment and provide you with many benefits. 

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