Henry’s Tree Service of Fort Worth proudly services all of Tarrant and Johnson counties. With 3 locations located in Arlington, TX, Fort Worth, TX and Burleson, TX.

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Services We Offer

Tree Removal

Tree cutting in a precise and clean efficient way is the most ethical and logical thing to do with your trees. We are specialist in providing our clients with elite tree removal in Fort Worth Tx. However, when getting a professionally experienced arborist to do your tree removal Fort Worth you want details as in what is the process of how and why that direction should be taken. Getting the correct tree cuts is vitally the most important when getting your tree removal in Fort Worth done, with us we will get it right the first time and get you high quality service for your trees today. Tree Service Fort Worth provides you with latest and best of what the tree industry has to offer you.

Tree Removing

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning is a vital part of a tree’s life. The tree trimming in Fort Worth Tx is done by precision cuts done by an experienced arborist like our in-house professionals. We work with ISA and TDA to get your trees trimmed done correctly. The ANSI A300 standards maintain and help us better understand your trees and how they should be pruned from branches to limbs. Our personnel’s have worked on all sorts of trees that help them understand what specifically where to cut the tree without causing any sort of damage that will lead the tree to bad growth patterns and death.

Tree Pruning

Tree Disease

There are many tree diseases that can affect your North Texas trees. One of the most important ways to combat tree disease is to have biyearly checks on your plantation to ensure that no tree disease is operational. In this evaluation, we will check leaf foliage, growth patterns, branch health, canopy spread, crown growth, bark system, route flare, and soil. This by yearly maintenance check is essential for education and overall tree health. In addition, if you were experiencing sick trees or treat disease, we have an in-house arbor team that is here and ready to assist you come back disease and bring back your trees vigor. For any issues with tree disease in Fort Worth call our offices today.

Treating Sick Trees

Land Clearing

Lot clearing in Fort Worth, Tx is crucial and very serious service that needs to be done by only professionals like us. We have in-house techs, arborist, and engineers that are the specialist in being informative and what you need to do to get your land or brush removal  Fort Worth cleared up right away with no problems. Understanding that our specialist has worked with top developers and other individuals to make their land cleared up today. Having the latest equipment from bulldozers, bobcats, tractors, and other equipment that will better advance your lot from being cleared. The excavation and developing process is what we do best so if you’re in need of a professional that is highly experienced with the service we are the right company for you.

Lot Clearing/Brush Removal

Stump Grinding

Tired of seeing those nasty stumps off your landscape on your residential or commercial? Most homeowners or property owners, in general, are disgusted with stump grinding in Fort Worth. We are professionals in cleaning out and working promptly to take your stumps off your property without damaging any of your landscape. We understand that our clients today want their stumps removed without any damage being caused. Our company has state of the art equipment that will grind and gnaw away every piece of that nasty stump tormenting you. Fort Worth stump grindings from us are worked efficiently and in a clean matter so by the time we step foot on your property, it’ll look the same if not better.

Stump Removal

Arborist/Tree Doctor

Contracting the right tree doctor in Fort Worth Texas is about as vital as doing the job itself. Choosing an arborist in Fort Worth Tx can be difficult but not with us. We have in-house professionally experienced arborist that are qualified to fulfill any sort of tree service or any particular tree concern you may have about your trees today. Our arborist wants to keep our North Texas region trees as healthy as possible in doing so, we will push forth in maintaining excellent health and eradicating all tree disease in Fort Worth Texas today. To do this, we will look at all aspects and key elements that the trees have so we can inform you in what needs to be done and how we should approach in doing it.

Tree Doctors

best Tree Care Solutions from the best arborist in Texas.

Tree Service Fort Worth is one of the leading providers in North Texas for all arbor care. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, land clearing, brush removal, tree doctor, arborist, tree planting, tree evaluations, and one of the most advanced Arbor Care team in Fort Worth Texas. We have been servicing commercial and residential clients for the past 10 years with and unparalleled level of service. Careful to follow all international Society of Arboriculture trimming protocols and proper pruning techniques.

We also have one of the safest tree removal services standards in the tree industry. Being insured and bonded and continuing to advance the training of our staff to ensure that safety protocols are always followed while performing any type of tree removal on your property. Our company has complied with all ISA and OSHA safety standards to bring a controlled environment while protecting your property and family. When it comes to combating disease for your trees, Tree Service Fort Worth has real solutions for tree disease.


Using the latest products available in our industry to be able to bring Quick turnaround on response time to your trees health. Our company is also a faithful tree conservation advocate and forest management member. We understand that there is a time to trim trees, remove trees but we should always keep in mind to conserve trees for future generation.

If you’re recently moved into a new piece of property it is a sensually important for you to contract an arborist to give you a complete evaluation of your landscape. In this evaluation we will educate you on what trees or shrubs or still in good health and will lineup with your reconstruction phase. We can also assist and protecting the current plantation through the ongoing construction phase.

When he comes to tree planting Tree Service Fort Worth has several local tree farms with hundreds of trees to choose from. We take all the guesswork out of it by properly analyzing your soil to make sure that the trees that are being selected can thrive in their new environment. When he comes to affordability of new trees you will not find a better deal, buying direct brings the power of getting absolutely the best price. Intern tree service Fort Worth passes the savings onto you the consumer. For all your arbor care needs don’t take a chance with your plantation especially your trees the most valuable asset on your landscape. Contract a professional and affordable company that brings real solutions.